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David's 5 minute guide to the Reining Pattern

Obviously we can only talk about the discipline of Reining at a very high level in 5 mins.  To learn more about this growing horse sport then why come along to a demonstration (click here for a list of events) or even have a western riding lesson with David.


In a reining pattern, we have to ride circles at a canter or gallop. The large circles have to be done at a fast speed so, as fast as you physically can, and the small circle has to done at a slow pace. When we transition from the fast circle, we don't want to have to pull on the horse. The horse should just come down to a slow pace,  and the horse should stay relaxed and then can become calm at the same time. In a reining pattern you would have to fast and slow circles to the left, and to the right.


The Spin

The spin is a 360 degree turn on the horse's hind end. He should pivot on his inside hind leg, and its front legs should cross over in front.

In a competition you would actually have to do the spin to the left and towards the right. That's a spin, the spin is a really exciting fun maneuver to ride.



The Stop

Sliding stop is when a horse will go from a gallop or a canter to a stop. The horse will stop on its back end, he will slide on his back feet and his front feet will carry on moving in the end, until he comes to a perfect stop.

You know you have a good stop when all you have to say is whoa, shift your weight so your legs go slightly forwards and the horse should then stop.  We teach that first at the walk, then trot, then the canter, then go up into the gallop.



Written by Theresa McCaffrey — October 12, 2014

Horse & Rider Journalist gives Western a try!

Horse & Rider's Lucy Turner has a lesson on the legendary Snipper with David at Sovereign Quarter Horses, see what she thought here...



Why not have a lesson yourself! Whether your an improving Western Rider or you would like a lesson just see what it's all about.  SQH is a licensed Western Riding School in March, Cambridgeshire. 

Written by Theresa McCaffrey — November 10, 2013

SQH Stars in short Western Film

This is brilliant, David and Sarah help out film makers to create a short Western Movie.  It is a must see... classic, click for more about the film and to watch it.


Written by Theresa McCaffrey — November 08, 2013

Equestrian Life 2012

Writer for Equestrian Life visited SQH in 2012 to learn more about David and Sarah, the show venue (that's where you will find the Western Riding Tack Store), the beautiful quarter horses they breed, their clients and of course to learn about Western Riding.

Here's an extract from the accompanying video:

"We love the relaxed way of riding, the people who are involved in Western Riding are a very very nice group of people.  The breed of the American Quarter Horse has to be the nicest horse that I have ever had anything to do with, in temperament and athletic ability, they are just such nice animals"... read and watch for more...



Written by Theresa McCaffrey — November 07, 2013

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Sovereign Quarter Horse- Open Day

Come and join us on 4th October 2015 at our open day taking place at Horse Creek Farm Arena, an indoor riding establishment in March,Cambridgeshire with cafe and indoor viewing...


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